Adam Scharpf successfully defended his doctoral dissertation

Adam Scharpf successfully defended his doctoral dissertation "The military organisation of state repression" on 27 November 2017. He passed his written dissertation and oral defense with the highest marks. The examination committee consisted of Sabine Carey, Kristian Skrede Gledtisch and Nikolay Marinov.

Adam's dissertation provides important and novel insights into the question of how the military influences state repression during counterinsurgency wars. He uses different levels of analysis and generates novel data from an unusually large variety of sources to address the core question with innovative research designs. For his work he already received the Dina Zinnes Award 2016, the Stuart A. Bremer Award 2017 and the CDSS Young Scholar Award 2017.

Congratulations, Adam!

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Sabine Carey presenting new research on killings of journalists

Sabine Carey is presenting a joint project with Anita Gohdes, University of Zurich, that aims to shed new insights into why journalists are killed by state authorities. She presents the paper at the Departmental Seminar Series at the University of Essex, Department of Government  on 24 October 2017 and at Conflict Research Group at the London School of Economics and Political Science on 16 November 2017.

 Source: Carey & Gohdes (2017)

Source: Carey & Gohdes (2017)

Sabine Carey contributing to "Human Progress in the 21st Century - Bright and Dark Sides of Democratization", Uppsala University

Sabine Carey is participating on a symposium of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation Centenary, “Human Progress in the 21st Century – Bright and Dark Sides of Democratization”, organised by the University of Uppsala, 21 September 2017. Together with Erica Chenoweth and Carl-Henrik Knutsen she will talk about the Bright Side of Democratisation, chaired by Håvard Hegre.

Watch the panel discussion here.

Presentations at the workshop "Tactics in conflict"

At the workshop "Tactics in conflict" at the University of Konstanz, 27-28 July 2017, we present two of our ongoing projects. Belén González is presenting the paper "How to improve human rights in post-conflict settings: The role of accountability", co-authored with Sabine Carey. Adam Scharpf is presenting "Your behaviour drives me mad: How (non-)violent opposition tactics trigger military coups in counterinsurgency wars", co-authored with Belén González and Christian Gläßel.

Workshop on post-conflict peace and stability

On 4-5 May 2017 we host a workshop on post-conflict peace and stability at the University of Mannheim. This workshop facilitates the discussion and exchange of research projects that focus on post-conflict peace and stability. We also discuss our upcoming field work in Nepal, Georgia and Sri Lanka, where we explore the role of the media and armed groups in the quality and condition of post-conflict peace. External participants include Kristin Bakke, Scott Gates, Indra de Soysa, Alexander da Juan and Nino Abzianidze.

Monkey Cage blog post: What we have learned about the killings of journalists

Anita Gohdes and Sabine Carey published a guest blog post on the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog: "We examined more than 1,300 journalist killings between 2002 and 2013. Here's what we learned." It is based on our recently published (open access) study and presents five (surprising) findings about the killings of journalists.

Sabine Carey presenting at conference at Heidelberg University

Sabine Carey is presenting the paper 'Preparing for repression: how media constraints affect the escalation of repression', co-authored with Belén González (University of Mannheim) and Neil Mitchell (University College London) at Heidelberg University. The presentation takes place as part of the conference The International Dimension of Vertical Threats and Regime Security in Authoritarian Regimes at the Institute of Political Science, 16-17 February 2017.