Under what conditions do different types of human rights violations inhibit or fuel the escalation of repression and armed conflict?

How might governments attempt to avoid monitoring and accountability mechanisms designed to prevent the violation of human rights violations?

What role do the security apparatus and pro-government militias play in preventing or accelerating the escalation of violence and armed conflict?

Despite substantial research on repression and on civil war, we know surprisingly little about the dynamics that escalate armed conflict within country-borders and those that prevent an escalation, including the possibility that covert repression can hinder the outbreak or escalation of armed conflict. 

Combining different types of case studies and global quantitative analyses, RATE will not only provide new insights into the link between repression and armed conflict and the role of delegation and monitoring. It will also produce a new global human rights dataset that provides more aggregate information than existing ones and an online available encyclopedia on pro-government militias that will be of interest not only to the research but also the wider community. 


Past Events: workshop on “The Dynamics of Violence and the Role of the Security Sector”